harrier hound beagle mix


harrier hound beagle mix

The hunting instinct is still very strong in the breed. What is known is that like both of its related breeds, the Beagle Harrier is exceptionally well-tempered, if not near one of the most beloved personality types of all breeds. An ardent admirer of foxhunting, George Washington, along with several other Virginia gentlemen, imported English packs in the 1770s. The resulting Virginia hounds became the ancestors of today’s American Foxhound, a breed specifically developed for the different terrain and hunting conditions of the New World. It’s important to control their calories to keep them healthy.

If severe, it can cause lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. Fences must be reinforced, otherwise they’ll find a way to go over or under them.

They’re sure to let you know when someone approaches their territory. The reality is that most behavioral problems can be traced back to how they were treated by their former owners. Pee or poop accidents are less likely, because they won’t want to go where they sleep and eat. Harrier Rescue Information: The Harrier is a small dog similar to a Foxhound. Harriers like to track and chase so they should be kept on a leash or in a securely fenced yard. They possess the classic look and attributes of a scenting pack hound. An area that does need more active monitoring is their ears, which are prone to moisture buildup and therefore may potentially develop ear infections. All rights reserved. Harriers are playful pack animals, and get along well with other dogs. There are very few breeds that still exist that have as much historical conjecture as the Beagle Harrier, and that's hardly an overstatement.

Windholme’s Robino III,” a Beagle painted by Gustav Muss-Arnolt, 1905 (AKC collection); “Reynal’s Monarch,” a Harrier painted by Edwin Megargee, 1937 (AKC collection); “Hounds at Full Cry,” by Thomas Blinks, courtesy William Secord Gallery. The Fox Hound Beagle Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Beagle and the Fox Hound. See more ideas about Harrier dog, Harrier, English foxhound.

The English Foxhound gave the Spanish Pointer more mobility, and the English Foxhound gained scenting ability. They were officially recognized by the FCI in 1974 and by the UKC in 1996. The Harrier dog is friendly, outgoing and people-oriented. The last time the breed appeared at an English Kennel Club show was in 1915. A sweet hound face with a long muzzle is enhanced by floppy, low-set, velvety ears.

While Harriers may not have achieved the worldwide adoration that Beagles have, they've undoubtedly imparted just as many lovable characteristics as the latter. They possess the classic look and attributes of a scenting pack hound. Long nails can cause discomfort and difficulty walking and running.

They were bred for stamina to the point of tirelessness. ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. The Quarme Pack was perhaps the last of the typical and pure West County Harrier packs, as many packs had become a combination of Harriers and small English Foxhounds. They stand from 19 to 21 inches and weigh between 45 and 60 pounds. It requires only weekly brushing or rubdown with a hound mitt to remove loose hair and dirt.

The Harrier, Beagle, and English Foxhound are all the same ancestrally, but were developed for different game. Often confused for a large Beagle or a small Harrier, the Beagle Harrier fits somewhere in between the two breeds in weight, height, and look. While they do have a tendency to follow a scent with or without their owner's wishes, they are actually quite easy to train, making even their worst habits seem within the realm of control, as long as they've actually received thorough training and enough exercise to keep their behavior positive.

This is a breed that needs early socialization to ensure he’s exposed to a wide variety of people, noises, and experiences from a young age.

Ear cleaner is important to have on hand for a dog who is prone to ear infections.

The Pet Overpopulation Crisis: How Training the Public Can Make a Difference. Positive reinforcement training methods that reward correct behavior will get the best results— especially if he thinks the response was his idea.

Training Your Dog For An Emergency: Does Your Dog Know These Skills?

Some say the Beagle Harrier is likely a mix of the two breeds while others claim it is the last link in the bloodline before the two became their own separate breeds. All Harrier found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Find Harrier Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Harrier information. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, January 3, 2019 By Jane Pinzhoffer 1 Comment.

Some say it has been in existence since the Late Middle Ages or Early Renaissance, while others claim it was developed by painter Baron Gerard in the 19th century.

The Beagle Harrier, the breed that was made mixing the France Scent Hounds and a Beagle.

They should only be allowed to run free in secure areas. These are both very kind and even tempered dogs that wouldn’t harm a soul. While he loves attention, he’s not needy. Their sweet temperament makes them more likely to greet strangers like they’re old friends. Seeing the parents and where the puppies live will give you a good indication of the care they’ve received. The Harrier, Beagle, and English Foxhound are all the same ancestrally, but were developed for different game. You couldn’t ask for a better jogging or hiking companion.

Harriers are pack dogs and love to be around people and other dogs.

© The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. His long soft ears will involve a little more care as they’re susceptible to infection. The Beagle was first recorded in America in 1642, and the first pack of English Foxhounds was a black and tan pack owned by Robert Brooke in 1650. Before you bring your Harrier Dog home, make sure you have the appropriate leash.

They are extremely loving, playful dogs that are known to be relaxed, easy-going types around nearly all who could potentially interact with them, from other dogs to strangers and children, making them universally approachable.

Experts seem to be almost entirely split on several junctures of the breed's historical development.
They should be good with the family and other pets - if properly socialized! It is generally highly affectionate, playful, good with most types of other dogs and people, children included, goofy and entertaining, and has little trouble entertaining itself if left in a space big enough to follow its nose around.

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The Harrier Dog is a pack animal, so they love to be around people and other dogs.

Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? They do, however, require a considerable amount of exercise and generally do better in active homes.

A small dog used to hunt hare and rabbit, the Beagle was well-known during the reign of Edward III in the 14th century, but the name came into use in the 15th century from the Old English word “begle,” meaning small. Some were born in puppy mills and have never had a real home, others end up in shelters because their owners are moving or they don’t have enough time for a pet. Like most hound breeds, they’re friendly, sociable, and spirted. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The trouble, in part, stems from the fact that both the Harrier and the Beagle also have largely undocumented histories that are open to interpretation. More specifically, the breed stands at an average height of 19 inches and weighing in at an average of about 40 pounds, and literally looks like a slightly heavier, leggier version of a standard Beagle. Training and socialization should begin early. Long walks, jogging, and outdoor games are an absolute must to keep the Harrier happy and well-behaved.

Perhaps the best reason for choosing to get a dog from a shelter is the feeling you get from saving a life.

Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend.

He is now a little over 1 year old and we are still hearing lots of different guesses, the most common is Beagle, but he is a little taller and heavier than the average at 55lbs, … In 1260, the first pack of Harriers was established by Sir Elias de Midhope.

They’re known for a particularly prolonged bay, especially if left on their own too much. Their coats are nearly identical to a Beagle as well, possessing a normal tricolor range that covers black, white and orange/brown. They have a shallow chest in comparison to the standard Beagle but it holds enough depth to produce a powerful bay.

Throughout the centuries, all three breeds have been selectively interbred. Inspect them on a weekly basis, and if needed, clean with soft gauze and an ear-cleaning solution recommended by your vet. We’ve bred and shown our hounds in the conformation ring for over twenty years and specialize in three breeds: Beagles, Harriers and English Foxhounds. For more columns by this author, visit the Gazette’s “Ring and Field” pages. He is from Georgia; the vet said this type hunting hound mix breed is common in the southern US. Still, the Beagle became the most popular small hound in England during the Middle Ages.

Outside of some random obnoxious baying and having a high drive for exercise, there is little not to like about this breed. Find Harrier puppies and dogs from a breeder near you.

Harrier Dogs are independent thinkers who have a tendency to be stubborn. His history in this country dates to colonial times and his lineage farther back still, to the early French hounds … The criterion was set, and a pack was required to be well-matched and as small as possible, with voices that resulted in what has been described as “the exhilarating cry of the jovial pack.”. These medium sized dogs of the hound group are one of the American Kennel Club’s rarest breeds, ranking 183rd in popularity.

It’s even possible that George Washington used them to create the American hounds.

However, this is a breed that loves food and will eat as much as you give them. The short thick coat of the Harrier is fairly low maintenance. Harriers are happy, patient, and fantastic with children. This high energy dog needs plenty of daily exercise to keep him from becoming destructive. His pack was used in the development of today’s Black and Tan Coonhound. The Harrier is the oldest of the three, since, even if one discounts its Greek origins, the Penistone Pack was formed in 1260 in England and lasted for more than five centuries.
Later, there was also interbreeding between the English Foxhound and the old Spanish Pointer to improve both breeds.

Chances are you’ve never actually encountered the Harrier.

Regardless of its history, confirmed or unconfirmed, what is known is that the Beagle Harrier is still quite a rare breed and has not spread in either use or adoration outside of France, and even there is considered rare enough to be considered in danger of outright extinction. If left on their own too much Harriers can get bored and will resort to destructive behavior like chewing and digging. The reason may be that they’re used for hunting, not for showing.

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