jack o connell interview


jack o connell interview

He told The New York Times he “didn’t stop partying for seven years” in his twenties – and other interviewers would write cheerfully about him arriving hungover. It was only Sunday league and the coach could go off his head. By the time he was 15, he’d already won his first major film role, as Pukey in This Is England. Even if you don’t have anything in common with him, there’s enough in his story to garner sympathy, to garner fascination. O’Connell prefers the experimental, freewheeling hand-held shooting style of ’71, an engrossing low-budget chase movie that navigates the bitter and tragic turmoil between the Brits and the Irish. It’s very reassuring to see audiences still responding to this sort of filmmaking, though. Jack O’Connell on how he landed Unbroken. Demange is set to direct a thriller for Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, while O’Connell is starring opposite George Clooney and Julia Roberts in an upcoming hostage movie. To have low-budget cinema and just plain, good old-fashioned storytelling still resonating with audiences around the world reinstates some faith for me.”. Und das versprach ich ihr. Guiri!’ [the colloquialism for foreigner, and not always a compliment],” he says. Asked how he feels about the current state of things, he sums it up as, “not very positive.” The school he attended (Saint Benedict Catholic School) has, he says, largely removed drama classes from the curriculum. Yet he is also very different. Or maybe he just has little to say about Hollywood. “We’d be in on the same day, but usually I’d be somewhere else on the set, creepily watching her through some sort of scope.” Nevertheless, he says Stewart was “very sound.”. Seberg (played here by Hollywood heavyweight Kristen Stewart) was involved with black civil rights organisations, including the Black Panthers, which put her in the sights of the highly conservative FBI. O’Connell’s ability to inhabit characters with a delinquent streak so convincingly is rooted in his youth. What do you do? But it wouldn’t be fair to say I’m Irish when I was born in Britain in the ’90s. “If I tried to act humble now I’d be contradicting a lot of my early interviews when I was coming up,” he says. Based on the bestselling biography by Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie, recounts the true story of Louis Zamperini, a champion runner who competed in the 5,000 meters during the 1936 Olympics, became an Air Force bombardier during World War II, survived a plane crash over the Pacific, and spent 47 days adrift in a life raft, only to endure vicious torture in a Japanese prison camp until the war ended.

Jack O’Connell on running in a heat wave. Making the leap to Hollywood to play a tortured prisoner of war in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken should have been a natural fit for the 24-year-old British star. He wants, has always wanted, to be one of the best ever. Diese Rolle war für mich die größte Herausforderung meiner Karriere. At 25 he already has 270 senior career appearances under his belt. Interview — Der Name „Jack O’Connell” sagt Ihnen nichts? He’s absolutely right. Fest steht: Mit „Unbroken“ (Start: 15. He was a working class boy from Yorkshire, with no obvious path to the cinema. I try to watch her play, although it’s difficult now. I don’t have experience of working on them kind of movies. I think the industry suffers. O’Connell learned Spanish but he also experienced a football culture very few inner-city English kids do. Denn dieser (durchaus attraktive) junge Mann ist nicht nur eine Entdeckung von Regisseurin Angelina Jolie höchstpersönlich, sondern auch ein fabelhafter Newcomer, der jedes Lob wert ist.

Wirklich: Das habe ich erst heute realisiert – und das ist ein ganz neues Level, das man in puncto Stolz erreichen kann. Intense actor's spirit remains unbroken in '71. Also musste auch ich mit diesem großen Hungergefühl vor die Kamera treten. In recent years,          O’Connell’s profile rose significantly when he joined the cast of Skins, the controversial TV drama about a group of hard-partying suburban teens, followed by lead roles in a pair of acclaimed films. In erster Linie hängt das mit Louis* zusammen. That’s the reason Demange felt O’Connell was so perfect for the film. “I think society suffers with that. Eine Erfahrung, die Sie teilen?Ja. “Shaun’s trajectory gives people hope,” he says. laundromat: leather & corduroy jacket: Dolce and Gabbana vest: Brunello Cucinelli shirt: Brunello Cucinelli pants: Brunello Cucinelli shoes: Brunello Cucinelli, “I’m not interested in the fame aspect or in being a movie star. Anyone who sees Unbroken (or … in the tub: henley shirt: Double RL jeans: Self Edge boots: Shoto

Established as the news, lifestyle, and entertainment weekly in Vancouver for 50 years, the Georgia Straight is an integral part of the active urban West Coast lifestyle with over 1.081 million readers per week. Do you feel more Irish than British? Jack O’Connell can be found on his days off hitting the pads in an old-school boxing gym in north Liverpool which, on Thursday morning, is home to … We talk about football just like a normal couple. He rented a place in the south of France to watch last summer’s women’s World Cup and happily took his place among the team’s HABs (husbands and boyfriends). He starts by picking his words quite carefully. Crew Has he ever even been in the running for those types of projects? cover: suit: Z Zenga tie: Ermegildo Zenga shirt: Z Zenga pocket square: J.

Yet O’Connell is not interested in looking back. He’s a working class hero that people wrote off from the beginning. He has had three loan spells with Rochdale and others at York City and Rotherham. Und sie hat an der Art und Weise gearbeitet, die Zuschauer für diese Geschichten zu begeistern, sowie an der Bildgewalt, mit der sie diese erzählt. Jack O’Connell Talks ’71, How It’s Not Just an Action Thriller, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, Angelina Jolie’s UNBROKEN, and More by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub February 17, 2014 SHARE TWEET It’s not something he considers essential for his plan to becoming great. “Fucking hell, man, I was listening to his music as a kid.

As a former England Under-19s captain, O’Connell is, in some respects, the classic Liverpudlian schoolboy prodigy. You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. Not a big guy to begin with, he estimates that he lost close to thirty pounds to convey Zamperini’s withered state in the prison camps. Read our community guidelines in full, The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, Jack O'Connell, the Sheffield United centre-back, will test himself against Marcus Rashford and Antony Martial when Manchester United visit Bramall Lane on Sunday, O'Connell keeps himself sharp and match-fit with sessions down the boxing gym, Alex Greenwood and Jack O'Connell support each other's football careers, Chris Wilder’s famous overlapping centre-backs, he will be preparing to face Marcus Rashford, Antony Martial and the rest, Most clearances in Premier League this season, Ryan Giggs denies he assaulted woman after police are called to his home, What sport can I still play?

Quite a family: Nicky, a former Royal Air Force engineer, is now Jack’s agent; Oliver is a biochemist in Switzerland and Dylan is a wind turbine engineer. Chapeau! Required fields are marked *. On the cinema screen he’s played equally magnetic youths, superb as a rookie soldier in ‘71 and as a violent young offender in Starred Up. “One of his dying wishes to me was for me to look after mum and Megs, my sister,” he says. “He’s full of pain.

His own pro career started in traditional style. Plus: Ebenso überzeugend spielt O‘Connells Kollege, Domhnall Gleeson. Darin befanden sich Bilder, Zitate, Berichte über ihn. I still have to study my craft and establish myself as an actor with a range — or capable of a range, anyway. Interview — Der Name „Jack O’Connell” sagt Ihnen nichts? In a lot of ways, he’s one in a million.”. But we still keep clean sheets.

Yet this is something the government has repeatedly cut in recent years. O’Connell also reveres Courtenay because he achieved recognition through hard work alone. Radheyan's first assignment for NOW was reviewing the Ice Cube heist comedy First Sunday. There have been two promotions in three years under Wilder, and O’Connell has played virtually every game. He’s a bit rough around the edges.”. Beeindruckt von den Bildern, die sie inszeniert. Well aware of his good fortune and the opportunities before him, he is wary of enablers who could lure him into mischief. NOW Central Communications Inc. 2020 Terms of Use Ja, sie fordert ihr Publikum mit aller nötigen Hörte heraus. Is there a specific chapter in history you’d like to bring to the big screen?

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