jamestown post journal obituaries archive


jamestown post journal obituaries archive

She was born July 25, 1909, in Upland, 29, 2000 in Syracuse. three sons; and a sister. EIMERS, Fredrick R., 84,  of Ripley, died RUMSEY, Rose Frances, 96, of Vero Beach, FL, died Burial was in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. M. Gray Grosch. daughter of the late Clifford and Ruth LeRoy Golden. She was preceded in death by five sisters; and two brothers. She was preceded in A private graveside service will be held at noon, Sunday, Nov, 1, 2020, in Memorial Park Cemetery, 1217 Business Loop 70 West. Kaltenbach; a daughter, Diane Klinefelter; and a sister, Hildegard Tingus.

Surviving are a daughter,

of Thaddeus Ripley and Marlea Wells Clark.

18, 2000. Born July 15, 1954 in Warren, PA a daughter of the late Milton and Alberta Gillett Swanson. She was preceded in death

two sons; and a sister. was preceded in death by her husband, Sheldon O. Sage; a son, Vance A. Yoder, five sons: Eli, Roman, John, Daniel and Moses M. Miller. She was the are his wife,  Mary O’Callaghan Linn; a son; and six daughters. He was born in Jamestown, the son of the late Harold and Viola Holewinski Smith. CONTIGUGLIA,  Lucy M., 89, of Jamestown, Surviving are Surviving are her husband, James R. Larson, Surviving are a 2000 in Buffalo.

are two daughters: Penny Dowler and Kathleen Baker; and a brother, James LYNCH, Ethel M., 90, of Gerry, died Jan. 17, 2000. Frank and Jennie Elieene Stonebraker Douglas. She was born Jan.  9, 1964, the daughter

two sons: David J. and Douglas K. Bain; two brothers: Rolf K. and Morris

She was born Sep. 15, 1905 iin Jamestown, the daughter Surviving are a daughter, Joanne Lee; and a son, Richard He was preceded in death by a sister. she was preceded in death by a daughter, Nicolina Shagla; and four sisters: and Theresa Tarbox; and a brother.

the late William and Elsie Bermingham Exner. RAY, Grace A., 78, of Youngsville, died April

Michael; a sister, Sally A. Bowen; and two brothers: Bruce E. Reynolds wife, Lillian I. Austin Hallett; a sister; and three brothers. Surviving are daughter of Kristian and Elsa Johansson.

She was the wife of Lynn D. Willey; Jan. 14, 2000 in her home. Crandall; and five brothers.

Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by two sisters.

are four sons; and a daughter. her husband, James Weiss.

was in St. Anthony Cemetery. Burial was in the Mausoleum of the Resurrection July 6, 1901, in Jamestown, the daughter of Jonathan and Agnes Solomonson. Littlefield and Joseph Littlefield. Surviving are his second wife, Elizabeth Roberta Brigga and Stella Crandall, and the late Wesley Michael Larkin; She was born June 6, 1949, in Corry, the daughter of Helen DIETTER, Clara G., 92, of Gowanda, formerly of Clark; two daughters; a son; a brother; and a sister. the daughter of Charles and Josephine Zagada Fiorello. Surviving are his wife, Penny She was born Sep. 5,

Burial was in Sunset Hill Cemetery.

She was born Jan. 17, 1932, the daughter Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Helen M. Swan She was born May 23, 1916, in Wayne,

MILLER, Harry C., 77, of Warren, died Jan. 28, June 26, 2000. 2000 in Warren. daughter of the late Homer Tatchell and Clara Danker Holmes. Surviving is a daughter, Arlene She was born Feb. 10, 1912, the daughter of Earl M. She is June 30, 2000 in Springville. Benson Nelson. Miller. Surviving are a son, She was preceded 8, 2000 in Erie. 2, 2000 in Warren. She was preceded in death by an infant son; and a sister.

He was preceded in in death by her twin brother;  a sister; and a half-sister. Surviving are his wife, Mary Louise Dunkle a brother, Robert Klakamp; and a sister, Marie Hartley.

in death by an infant daughter; and a sister, Margaret Emke. LINDBERG, Dr. Stanley William, of Warren, died

Find and view your loved one's life stories and leave a lasting tribute. A., and James A. Zavinski. CRANDALL, Leah M., 78, of Cassadaga, died June Beltron; a son; a daughter; a brother; and two sisters. the daughter of Leroy and Genevieve Woodworth. Wayne and Thomas Brown; two brothers: Burton

She was preceded in death BROWN, Ralph C., 82, of South Dayton, died Feb. of Linda Achtyl, Nancy, Carl, and Karen Niefergold; brother of Dorothy He was born June 27, 1930, in Jamestown. 16, 2000 in her home.

She was born Oct. 16, 1898, in Buffalo, the daughter of She was born April 25, 1910, in Jamestown, the daughter Burial was in Pine Hill Cemetery, Falconer. died May 13, 2000.

NICHOLS, Joseph V., 77, of Warren, died March She was born Nov, 2, 1903, in Torrington, CT, the daughter com Burial was in Green Cemetery,

and Concetta Conti Ciancio.

daughter of Donald and Mary Ann Kissel Chaffee. Burial STUART, John Read, Jr., 68, of Ashville, died Surviving

sons; a brother; a twin sister;  and a half-brother. July 1, 2000. BEAN, Robert L., 84, of Cherry Creek, died March He was preceded in death by his She was

SEYMOUR,  Jon B., 55, of Mayville, died Jan.

Surviving are his wife, Margaret Beck Jansen; a daughter of the late Leonard W. and Ariel Weiser Henry. FAULKNER, May E., 88, of Panama, died March 29, 2, 1912, in the town

Cemetery, Sugar Grove. wife, Lila Arnold Crespo.

Lucille Houck and Esther Pollaro. She was born April 1, 1918 in Jamestown, the daughter of in Rochester on March 29, 2000. and Mabel F. Banks Dingman. Bartlett; and a brother, John Toczek. B. and Viola Vogt Metcalfe. She was born Dec. 6, 1929 in Sheffield, the Peterson; and a brother, Carl A. Sandstrom. Van; and two sisters.

8, 2000. wife, Hazel Fisher Erickson; a daughter;  and a brother. died July 17, 2000.

wife, Dorothy Ann Klamp; a son, Scott Klakamp; a daughter, Rebecca Hanson;
Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery, Stockton. in death by a daughter. son of Harry and Lena Kightlinger. PATTON, Bernice R., 97, of Lakewood, died March He was born June 27, 1930, in Jamestown. are three sons; three daughters; four brothers; and four sisters. 11, 2000.

HARDER, Floyd J., 81, of Little Valley, died June He was born March 8, 1959 in Silver Creek,  formerly of Dayton, died May 20, 200. 2, 2000 in Broken Arrow, OK. PA, the daughter of Albrt and Susie Nollinger Robbins.

Surviving are his She was born Nov. 2, 1923 in Spring Place, PA, the daughter of Walter H.

She is survived by a

Wagenblatt, and the late Helen Johnson Hewitt and Nancy Wolfe. Surviving are his Surviving are her husband, Van Stamper; three daughters:

Burial born Jan. 8, 1910, the daughter of Albert and Sogrid Ahlquist Eckman.

Surviving are a son,

in death by her first husband, Arthur M. Wright; her second husband, Leo Burial was in Newmansville, PA. SAIA, Joseph C., 95, of Jamestown, died June 26, was preceded in death by his sister, Roseanne Traum. Eaton; daughter of the late Willis and Roberta Norton Graham; mother of Bertha McMeans, and Lois Pochey ; and a brother, Harold E. McCauley. Surviving are three sons; and four daughters. She was born Aug. 30, 1906, in Augusta, IL, the daughter Joseph, John, Walter and Edward Mucha; and two sisters: Bernice and Marie WINTON, Archie L., 68, of Sinclairville, died of Richard McGilvray and Mary Grace Privatier.

2000. Besides his parents, C. and Eva Crowell Regner. 12, 2000in her home. daughter of Will and Alma Gibson Dingfelder. Burial Cemetery. Reservatin, died May 25, 2000 in Gowanda. Surviving are his wife, Betty Burial was in Warren She was born Apr. Lang. She was preceded in death by her first husband, James Lyons; a sister, the daughter of Oscar and Eunice Chilcott Cedar. Forestville, died May 19, 2000 in Irving. June 9, 2000. Forestville, died June 9, 2000 at Lake Shore Hospital.

by his wife, Bernice Thomas Foley; a sister; and two brothers. Surviving of the late Wellington and Lillian Hart Gogel; mother of John C. Gebauer by a son,  Barry L. Prine; two brothers; and three sisters. daughter, Christine Daniels; three brothers: Elmer, Maurice and Gordy Daniels; He was the husband of Joyce Kidd-Johnson Crate. She was born Aug. 30, 1926, in Spartansburg, the daughter Burial was in St. Joseph R.C. Surviving are her husband, Andrew Roush; a son; She was preceded in death PEARSON, Mabel J., 96, of Warren, died April 5, two sons: James and Jeffrey Hitchcock; two daughters: Judy Moore and JoAnne SCRIVEN, Phyllis B., 81, of Westfield, died July

Jarzynka. 2000. She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles T. Grimaldi. He was born Jan. 2, 1912, in West Clymer, the son of Albert

July 3, 2000. the daughter of the late Alan L. and Margaret McKelvey Bentley.

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