lancaster puppies reviews


lancaster puppies reviews

Being a mom caring for two small children by myself (my significant other is not the father of my kids) and putting myself through school, then getting a puppy and at the least a SICK puppy who should have gone to the hospital- which would have brought her “sick bill” to 1,000’s of dollars, is just too much to take in. Our pup came with AKC papers, a 1 year health guarantee and showed her vaccinations and deworming. I sent them the money right before Christmas but it took a little while to get all the paperwork.

I couldn't be happier.

But so far, it’s been great. 60 reviews for Keystone Puppies, 4.8 stars: 'Was a fantastic experience working with the breeder.

Lancaster Puppies ranks 12th among Dog Breeding sites.

They were not Amish or Mennonite. The most common issues with Lancaster Puppies are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers. to sell their pups.

I picked Mason who was renamed Brody. Lancaster Puppies Reviews: They are unprofessional and irresponsible.

All the dogs had doors to come and go and were separated by barriers in between them. It’s now a month and the dog is not a Maltipoo but a Jack Russell cross.

We corresponded with the “breeder” located in Knox, PA by phone and email several times before sending our deposit to hold a 8 week old beautiful Maltipoo.

I’m glad the puppy’s here and everything worked out, and I already have recommended Greenfield to a family member.

Yep I did they and they dooooo. Long story short, Lilly has been on Anti-biotic and I’ve been nursing her poor self-back to health and she’s doing much better but could have died. After spending 4 days in the distribution center, she was again put on a truck for over a day, making stops along the way from Missouri to Florida. The one afternoon, unprovoked, he bit our daughter between the eyes and growled and lunged at her. ASK QUESTIONS!!! Obviously you can buy a dog and it may not look like it’s picture when you get there because it grew a little.

3. find a dog breeder that doesn't airline ship and just sells locally or possibly to their state & surrounding states only. It really is a bit scary dealing with these folks. I also asked where their mother was. The puppy acted as if it had never been outside of his crate.

We love her to pieces. That's why you now see regular normal dog breeders on there instead of just Amish puppy mills.

Nobody wants to sell a rude person their precious puppy. My Shichon pups are nearly four years old.

But I liked that they never pushed me for another dog.

Be sure to thank your dog breeder for their time and work. Lancaster Puppies advertises for a dishonest breeder of mini-sheepadoodle puppies named Tina Schultheis from Ligonier, PA. Daniel ** of Millersburg OH was the breeder. They won't appreciate your business.

the record he emailed to me was only for a distemper shot, I had to contact the vet myself to find out what shots the puppy had received already before I took her to my vet.

And when that other person stepped in, they gave me the wrong flight information. We drive six hours back home, our clothes and the puppy still reeking.

I dont think so!

It was because of the skin infection that I was worried about. We’re in this together!

Then he wanted me to send money for deposit by PayPal and I told him I don’t have account with paypal but I could send a check.

Each day I cannot believe how lucky we are to have her as our puppy. I appreciate they told me that could happen not till next week. We adopted the puppy. NOT all) could be so heartless. When I have a litter of puppies for sale I will get up to 30 emails a day from other sites. My son suggested that the photo we saw originally was probably not even one of their puppies, just a beautiful puppy to grab your attention. He will spend six times more money and sell six times less puppies. When we were looking to purchase a husky puppy in April, I happened to come across

The parents & the puppy themselves are not inside their homes, not raised in their homes but instead outdoor kennel sheds.

Now our poor puppy has non stop discomfort when eliminating herself and needs to go out every 5 minutes. Upon arrival the he had a folder prepared with the current vaccination records and a two copies of a release for all of us to sign (one for each of us). I expected the Amish to be honest.

Soon after, we were searching for another puppy. There are laws in PA that protect both breeders and purchasers, research them and PLEASE take the time to report illegal selling of animals, it's good karma and stops these criminals! That wasn’t the case with Pam.

Puppy arrived and it had a massive skin infection on its back that the vet had to shave and give us medicine for.

This puppy was represented as it was on the website.

Anyway, they looked exhausted and seemed as if whoever was taking care of them was very irresponsible. When I reached there, I found that the puppies were kept in the garage and there were no food or water for them. The breeder we use is very nice and knows all about pugs. I still would have bought her; I would have waited until she was better… Our story of buying Lilly was a nightmare that had come true. Not to mention its a living life, it’s not like you’re out there buying household furniture. The breed that we purchased was a havanese poodle mix.

You would think she would be concerned. I pulled out my cell phone right away and looked up his ads and couldn't believe this site. Thankfully I think Lilly is doing drastically better but I know only time will tell.

My son had bought a silver Lab from somebody back East and it took me a few months to kinda pull the trigger but then I saw Jigs.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Greenfield Puppies? I felt heart-broken, overwhelmed, disappointed, and extremely upset. These breeders are driven to produce healthier puppies who grow up to be devoted companion and support dogs.

At first we thought she was just cold, we had a blanket with us for her, and maybe she was nervous meeting her new family for the first time but when we brought her home we noticed her awful cough, she had thrown up later that night and could barely walk- and refused to eat and I was terrified. All the people were off so it didn’t happen until after Christmas.

They informed that the scab did happen to peel off and now there was a small soreness on the back. My puppy had the worse case of ear mites by vet had ever seen and was in constant pain since his birth (8 weeks). If you come on there.... a good moral breeder with only 15 dogs and you raise the puppies in your family home environment.

I just can’t believe people (Some breeders. She brought us to her attached garage where she had a big, very clean pen that held her 5 puppies. They are kept in cages and no one handles them.

And then, once I went through the steps to find the dog and notify Greenfield, I did everything that the website had set up as far as the forms you’re supposed to fill out.

Great living conditions and met her parents, To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. I put my deposit down to guarantee the puppy that I wanted. After collecting $90 they will remove your ads after receiving a complaint from someone that didn't purchase a dog from you and just merely complained because you're too picky. Very untrustworthy and down right lied to us. He lives in a kennel and is used for breeding. We were led to a barn/shed. Our puppy is exceptionally bright and learns most commands with very little repetition.

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